The Small Tea Growers’ Sustainability Platform (STGSP) is a public-private-civil society impact coalition that aspires to close the living income gap in the small tea growers’ sector.

STGSP Vision: To reach 40,000 small tea growers in India to close their living income gap by 20%.

Challenges in Indian Tea Sector

India is one of the largest producers and consumers of tea. Over years, the tea sector in the country has changed considerably with the emergence of small tea growers and bought leaf factories, which are tea processing factories to which the small growers sell their production. Even though the small tea growers now account for an important part in the Indian tea industry, they are facing several challenges, including:

small tea growers platform

How STGSP Works?


Living income for STGs:

    • Income diversification: Creating new value and opportunities for Small Tea Growers and diversify farm and off-farm income
    • Building climate resilience: Conserve/increase biodiversity, reforestation and adapt sustainable agricultural practices as climate mitigation tool.

Value Chain Development:

  • Quality services to STGs: Providing services including access to quality inputs, financial instruments, agronomic and post-harvest management advisory to small tea growers in an aggregated way
  • Creating market linkage opportunities.


  • Developing public-private partnerships: bringing together tea industry stakeholders to work in a collaborative manner towards smallholder livelihood and promoting sustainability in the sector.


  • Shared learnings: Using the Platform for sharing best practices, align strategies and pilot new methodologies to make small tea farming profitable and accelerate sustainability in the tea sector.

Measuring & Evaluation:

To measure progress and report the following in a transparent manner:

  • Number of small tea growers reached
  • % reduction in living income gap
  • % change in yield per acre in one year
  • % change in average farmer’s net income in one year
  • Additional funding mobilized
  • Number of AE trained
  • Who Can Join?

    All stakeholders in tea sector can join the program. This can include, but is not limited to:

    • Tea producers or producing groups
    • Tea retailers
    • Tea exporters
    • Tea traders
    • Research & Academia

    How to Join?

    There is no financial commitment to join the program. By registering as a member, you agree to work collectively towards promoting sustainability in the sector. To join click here.