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    It is understood that the Small Tea Growers’ Sustainability Platform (STGSP) is a Public-Private-Civil Society Cooperation Platform which is convened by IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative in India.

    This initiative has been designed to provide a platform for all stakeholders in the tea supply chain working closely with small tea growers in India to come together and commit to work towards a sustainable small tea growers sector. The platform members will focus on engaging smallholder tea farmers and further supporting tea smallholders to afford a decent standard of living for themselves and their families. It aspires to help close living income gap, improve environmental sustainability and economic opportunity.

    The stakeholder involved in this programme are Associations, FPOs, NGOs, aggregators, processors, retail brand owners and exporters. Other facilitators to this programme including Central and State Agriculture, Horticulture Depts, and research organizations.

    I agree my organization/association will be part of this platform and I shall support the programme including the various digital conferences/ workshops/meetings planned to be organized in my/our capacity as a Partner/ FPO / Farmer Cooperative / NGO / Retailer / Aggregator/ Processor / Exporter (whichever field is valid). I also agree that the logo and name of my organization/company can be used on the website and other communication materials as required, as a signatory to the program.