Several industry stakeholders join STGSP platform


The Small Tea Growers’ Sustainability platform is now joined by several industry stakeholders in India, who have committed to work jointly towards transforming tea value chain to support a decent standard of living for the Small Tea Growers.

Some of the members who have joined the platform so far include Chaiveda, Vadham Teas, Tea Sigma, Amalgamated Plantations (APPL), All Bodoland Small Tea Growers’ Association, among others.

Commenting on the launch of the program, Ketan Desai from Vadham Teas said, “We are excited for the launch of STGSP platform, which will focus on improving small tea growers’ livelihoods. STGSP will bring together government, CSOs, private sector, NGOs, small tea growers, and local communities – to work jointly towards transforming the tea value chain to
support a decent standard of living for the small growers.”

“This is a different approach is because it has all relevant stakeholders in the tea value chain. By having the objective of the living income for the small tea growers, it would go beyond tea and involve the current value chain to other value added agri products” says Abhijeet Hazarika, Founder, Tea Sigma.

Commenting on the inclusive growth in the industry, Anshu Sukla, Sustainability Manager, APPL said, “APPL in its sustained bid to become the Top Employer, the Numero-Uno producer and the most reputed Heritage & Value custodian of Indian Tea Industry has come to realize that optimizing the interdependencies existing between the Regulated Tea Growers and the Small Tea Growers to create an Inclusive Growth Framework is the foundation stone of Indian Tea Industry’s resurgence. Since last few years APPL has strove hard in this regard
and helped facilitate certification and other improvement programmes for almost 5300 STGs through its Tea Extension and Advisory Services (TEAS) department and commits to keep on continuing work and partnering in future towards bettering synergistic business models.”  

STGSP will continue to invite membership and support other tea sector stakeholders in their journey in creating positive impact towards the livelihood of small tea growers in the country.