Small Tea Growers’ Sustainability Platform launched in India as a joint action towards improving smallholder livelihood


Small Tea Growers’ Sustainability Platform (STGSP) has been launched in India by IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative to work towards improving livelihoods for small tea growers’ in the country in a collaborative manner. STGSP brings together stakeholders in the industry – the government, civil society organizations, private sector, non-government organizations, small tea growers, and local communities – to work jointly towards transforming the tea value chain to support a decent standard of living for the Small Tea Growers.

So far, the platform has been joined by organizations including the Tea Board of India; Amalgamated Plantations; Ethical Tea Partnership; Small Tea Grower Associations in Assam, West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu; Vadham Tea; Department of Agriculture, Golaghat; Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Jorhat, Bosco Tea; and Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat.

During one of the Platform meetings, Dr. N. Sundardevan Nanjiah, retired IAS officer and chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu stated that there is a disjoint between the growers and processors and therefore there is a need for mechanism to ensure that both the producers and the processors are equally benefitted.

The platform will adopt different approaches, including a market-driven approach to work with the STGs to increase their farm productivity, income diversification and enhancement; and thereby close their living income gap by 20 per cent, while also reducing their environmental footprint by 20 per cent.