Collaborative approach towards
making small tea farming profitable

The Small Tea Growers Sustainability Platform (STGSP) is a public-private-civil society impact coalition that aspires to improve the income of Indian small tea grower household by 20% by 2022.

STGSP brings together stakeholders in the industry – the government, civil society organizations, private sector, non-government organizations, small tea growers, and local communities – to work jointly towards transforming the tea value chain to support a decent standard of living for the Small Tea Growers in India.



India is one of the largest producers and consumers of tea. Over years, the tea sector in the country has changed considerably with the emergence of small tea growers and bought leaf factories, which are tea processing factories to which the small growers sell their production. However, even though the small tea growers now account for an important part in the tea industry in India, they are facing several challenges related to profitability, availability of finance, sustaining production, processing and marketing of tea leaves. As a result, small tea growers’ livelihoods are suffering from diminishing returns.

What STGSP Does?

The platform aims to work with small tea growers in India to close their living income gap by 20% by 2022 through increased economic opportunities.


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Value Chain Development




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